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Welcome to AdwordsOnes, your ultimate partner for managing Google Ads accounts, optimizing sales funnels, and navigating the complexities of the digital marketing landscape.

We specialize in a pay-per-performance commission model that prioritizes your success. You only pay commission on the sales we generate, ensuring maximum return on investment.

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Advanced Customer Modelling

Challenging Products and Markets

How does it work?

Concentrate your time, resources, and capital on your core strengths, while we dedicate ours to boosting your sales through Google Ads.

Our approach is straightforward, with minimal demands on your time: our fee is 35% of the revenue we generate for you. In exchange, we cover all Google Ads advertising expenses.

There are no extra costs for Google Ads spend, budgets, accounts, or credit cards associated with Google Ads from your end.

If we fail to generate revenue for you, the risk is on us, and you don't incur any losses. You pay exclusively for the outcomes we deliver.

Our Process

Our process begins with learning about your business and goals, followed by in-depth research and a tailored proposal. We handle all the technical work, including setting up, funding, and launching your Google Ads campaign. Our team continuously assesses and optimizes your campaign, offering ongoing support for new goals, strategies, or seasonal promotions.

By choosing to work with us, you're transforming the way business is conducted

As we offer a results-driven approach, ensuring a focus on performance and fostering a mutually beneficial partnership.

Results-Driven Fee Structure

Paying commission solely on actual sales or leads we produce ensures that our goals are in sync with yours.

However, if you prefer a cost-per-click payment model, we can establish a fixed rate, and you will never be charged more than the agreed-upon amount.

Ownership of Your Google Ads Account

We take pride in the quality of our work, which often speaks for itself, leading our clients to remain with us.

However, if you decide to part ways for any reason, the Google Ads account is yours, and our association with your domain and Google Ads will terminate immediately.

We firmly believe that clients should retain ownership of their Google Ads account and associated data.

Fuel your digital marketing success with AdwordsOnes – where data, analytics, and measurement are at the heart of every strategy

Unlock the full potential of your campaigns with our expert insights and advanced tracking technologies.

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Advanced Customer Modelling

Sophisticated Customer Profiling: In today's digital landscape, Big Data plays a crucial role in driving advertising strategies. Real-time decisions on targeting and ad placement are often determined by algorithms. However, Big Data requires a substantial amount of information, which can hinder new or smaller businesses from utilizing advanced advertising methods.

We've developed inventive strategies to create extensive data sets for businesses, regardless of their size. This allows us to build intricate customer profiles and integrate advanced techniques with traditional advertising methods, catering to businesses of all sizes.

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Challenging Products and Markets

Challenging Products and Markets: Advertising on Google may be limited for certain products and services due to legal and cultural considerations in specific countries, or licensing requirements for some industries. For instance, the financial, healthcare, and political sectors often face restrictions. In such cases, we can assist in establishing and expanding a compliant Google Ads campaign.

While we cannot support businesses offering products or services prohibited by Google, if compliance constraints are hindering your entry into the Google advertising arena, please contact us. Overcoming these compliance obstacles can provide a substantial competitive edge.

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Global Reach

We collaborate with clients worldwide, assisting them in boosting sales in local, international, or both markets. If your sales are performing well in one or two regions but have untapped potential elsewhere, feel free to get in touch with us.

For businesses thriving in emerging markets but facing barriers to entry in more competitive markets due to higher Google Ads costs, we can offer support. If your product or service has no physical supply chain—such as software, downloads, or consulting services—there's an opportunity for rapid sales expansion. Reach out to us to explore the possibilities of global growth.

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Risk-Free and Cash Flow Conscious

Google Ads Expenses = Our Responsibility

Google directly invoices all Google Ads costs to us, and it's our bank and credit card information that's registered with Google, not yours.

Google Ads Risk Mitigation

Pay commission exclusively on actual sales or leads we produce, or opt for a fixed cost-per-click if that's your preference. The marketing risk is on us, not you.

Cashflow Neutral - Results Driven Pricing

Pay advertising costs only for actual sales. Our performance-based pricing model ensures you cover these expenses after the sale occurs, not before.

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